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A 9-part narrative true crime podcast about murder and injustice in 1980s central Florida from Lava for Good.

Bone Valley is a groundbreaking series that brings listeners along on an investigative journey through the swamps and courtrooms of central Florida in a search for truth and justice in the wrongful conviction of Leo Schofield, who has been serving a life sentence for the 1987 murder of his wife, Michelle. Launching on September 21, Bone Valley is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King, who uncovers startling new evidence of Leo’s innocence, while exposing the links between Michelle’s murder, unethical prosecutors, and an impulsive and troubled teenager responsible for a string of violent crimes in Central Florida.

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Gilbert King and Kelsey Decker are the team behind Bone Valley, a groundbreaking, 9-episode true crime podcast from Lava For Good. The series explores the case of Leo Schofield, a man convicted of murder in a gross miscarriage of justice. King, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Devil in the Grove, and Decker, a producer with a background in sociology and oral history, came together in a four-year quest to peel back the layers of Schofield’s case, uncovering startling new evidence and chilling confessions that are a call to action for long-awaited justice and redemption.